Nominate Your LNP Hero

Ordinary members that do extraordinary things

They are the real LNP Heroes

Nominate your LNP Hero

They are the ordinary members that do extraordinary things.
They are the members that reflect the LNP’s culture.
They are the real LNP Heroes.

The LNP has many members that work extraordinarily hard for the Party.

Typically they are the members who just go about their business without fanfare or any thought of acknowledgment. They may be the members that attend every Party meeting and always have a hot drink or a snack for their fellow members, through to the members that volunteer their time during every campaign. It is the fact that these members go out of their way to contribute to the maintenance, growth and well-being of the LNP that makes them special.

Now there is an opportunity to nominate members deserving recognition as an LNP Hero.

All you have to do is click on the Nominate button and complete a simple form.

Every quarter we’ll publish a list of the LNP Heroes in an LNP Heroes email newsletter. LNP Heroes will also receive a certificate signed by the LNP President and a special badge recognising them as an LNP Hero.

Nominate an LNP Hero today and let us celebrate the members that make a difference.